The First 5 Things You Should Know About Vancouver

Vancouver is a unique city. It often gets bypassed as insignificant because of its proximity to Portland and it has some fantastic features! If you want to know a little bit more about Vancouver, I'll be doing a little blog series on the “must know” items about the city. Here are the first 5!

  #1:  Enjoy the tax savings.
 If you’re considering moving to Vancouver, guess what? You’ll save a little bit of     money on taxes. Even though Vancouver has sales tax, there is no state income  tax, which means you’ll save big bucks when it comes to tax time. So, if you want to save for a European vacation, buy a recreational vehicle to cruise the country, or if you just want to pay off your student loan debt a little faster, consider how Vancouver can put a little more money in your pocket.


  #2:  It's not Canada.
 Vancouver is definitely not as big as some other cities in the world and it often gets overlooked because of its close proximity to Portland. And yes, it shares its name with the well-known city in Canada, but it’s definitely not the same. So, next time someone is talking about Vancouver, save yourself the confusion and try to clarify which city is being discussed – Vancouver U.S.A or Vancouver, B.C.?

  #3: Vancouver has breathtaking scenery.
 If you’re a person that loves to experience the great outdoors, Vancouver could be the perfect place for you!  In Vancouver, you’re in short driving distance of the coast, the mountains, rivers, and much more. Vancouver definitely doesn’t have the “hustle and bustle” of a large city, and it definitely doesn’t make you feel trapped in a jungle of buildings and concrete – instead, it’s charming, full of trees and greenery, and offers wonderful activities for nature lovers of all ages.

  #4: Vancouver is laid back.
 Looking for a great place to sit back and enjoy life? Vancouver is casual and  people here generally aren’t showy or pretentious about their city. Don’t want to wear a suit and tie every day? That’s ok, it’s laid back enough here that most places prefer casual clothing and laid back attitudes more than stiff formalities.




  #5: It's a coffee-lover's paradise.
 Love coffee? Well, Vancouver will rock your world. There is so much great coffee in the Northwest and Vancouver is home to some awesome coffee shops. Some of the best shops to try are: Paper Tiger Coffee, River Maiden Artisan Coffee, Torque Coffee Roasters, and Thatcher’s Coffee. Make it a Saturday morning ritual to try a new coffee house! 

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