Tips for Unpacking Efficiently

One of the most dreaded parts of moving is organizing everything and packing it all into what might seem like endless amounts of boxes. That in itself is a big job, but when you get things moved, then you have the other huge task of unpacking. Looking for ways to help make the unpacking more efficient and quick? Here are some helpful tips.

#1: Remember the essentials.
When you’re packing, pack the essential items last. And when it comes time to unpack, make sure to remove those items first. These are usually the easiest boxes to find and should contain everything you need to get settled in for the first few nights.

#2: Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen!
The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your new home, so start unpacking those boxes first. Getting the essential kitchen items like coffee pot, silverware, toaster, plates, and other items that you use most often will allow you to cook meals at home so you don’t have to eat out a lot.

#3: Tackle the bedrooms individually. 
It might be tempting to start unpacking the bedroom boxes all at once, but instead, unpack each bedroom one by one. Start by taking the linens and bedding out so you can use those right away. Don’t concentrate too much on decorating or getting all of the décor and accessories set up, just get the basics going first.  

#4: Take a little bit at a time.
If you look around your house and see boxes everywhere, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Moving is one of the biggest jobs you’ll do and it’s downright stressful at times. Instead of diving into all of the boxes at once to unload, just focus on attempting little bits at a time. Work in stretches for a few hours at a time and take breaks. While you’re unpacking, organize as well. Consider “staging” your boxes in one room (maybe a bedroom) so that you can close the door on them when you’re taking a break.  Don’t just throw things into drawers without any semblance, but instead focus on organizing while you go. This will save you time in the long run, because you won’t have to go through again later and redo the organization portion.  

Once the boxes are unloaded and set up for the most part, the fun part of arranging and decorating your new space can happen. Hang your favorite art pieces, display your family heirlooms, and do what you can to make the area feel familiar and like “home.” Packing and unpacking is an arduous process and it takes time, but keep a positive outlook and try to have fun with it!

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