Top color trends for home décor in 2016


Home design & décor is a personal decision – everyone has their own preferences and favorite colors, but every year there seems to be new trends in colors and styles. For 2016, interior design professionals have projected what some of the most popular colors for the year will be. And…here they are!

Color trend #1: Purple
Purple is elegant and sophisticated and experts predict that purple hues will be very popular this year. Lilac tones are soothing and warm, while rich violet colors create a calming sense of romance to the space. Pairing purple tones with other warm colors like blues and grays make the colors popular for living rooms and dining rooms especially.

Color trend #2: Creamy Blue
Light blues create a tranquil environment and are wonderful for both inside and outside your home. Milky blues can be even more stylish when accented with dark black or gray tones, or whites for an airy feel. Or, pair with bright oranges or yellows for a bold statement to your home.

Color trend #3: Dark Teal
This color is making its way back into a lot of homes recently because it’s versatile and works great for homes that have rich wood. It adds a pop of color but is also easily accented with golds or brass, or fresh whites, making it a glamourous but contemporary choice.  

Color trend #4: Bright Whites
The shabby chic design trend is hot right now and when you think of white, don’t think it has to be boring. In fact, white is the complete opposite of boring when you balance it out with bright accent colors. Whether it’s vivid floral drapery, bright furnishings, or brilliant art pieces, white can make a statement. For those that don’t enjoy the use of eye-popping colors, accent white walls with dark grays or stark black. This will give your home a clean and fresh look that’s simply timeless.

Your home is your haven – your place of relaxation and comfort. Whether it’s a spacious one level ranch or a sprawling two-story home in the country, have fun embracing your unique design style. Colors can add ambience and beauty to your space and help make your house a home. 

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