How much does it cost to move?


Moving: it’s a huge job. It requires significant resources including time, money, and energy. If you’ve recently bought or sold your home, the thought of packing and moving may make you feel overwhelmed. If you have grown out of “do it yourself” moving style, that’s okay! There are some teams of professional movers out there that can help get you moved quickly and efficiently. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to hiring movers.

Tip #1: Find a company that has great ratings.
It’s definitely okay to look for the best price in town for movers, but your first priority is to find a company that has a solid reputation for efficiency, attention to detail, and responsive customer service. So, look for companies with good ratings online, then compare costs after that. Read reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, or via their website. Ask for their insurance information to see what kind of liability coverage they have and have them explain any problems or situations that they have had in the past with customers and how they have corrected those. Moving companies should have no problem providing this type of information to you. And last but not least, talk to your friends, family, and your Realtor® about this. They will likely have some suggestions on reputable companies that you can use.

Tip #2: Get a price estimate.
Moving can be costly. Whether it’s paying upfront for a storage unit or eating out several times a week while your kitchen is being packed and unpacked, paying for the move is a big factor for people that have recently bought or sold their home. So, once you begin searching for a moving company, get a written price estimate that start comparing. These estimates should be as detailed as possible, describing services that will be offered. If you are moving locally, the American Moving & Storage Association says that the average move is a little over $1,100 and that usually includes a crew of four. (1)  If you just need help for a couple of hours for the heavy lifting, you can often have laborers come out for an hourly rate.

Tip #3: Ask the movers for a timeline.
Your moving company will offer specific services and you should get a timeline nailed down on how long they expect the move to take. This will not only help you project what the exact cost will be, but it will also help you solidify any other details such as when to get your personal belongings out of the new house and into the new one.

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