Summer porch & patio decorating ideas that bring beauty & increase home value

Summer officially begins this week and the warm weather is here to welcome us into the new season. Now is the time that Pacific Northwesterners enjoy a break from the rain and can get outside to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you’re looking for some fun summer porch and patio decorating ideas that bring beauty and increase home value, here are some simple ideas to help you get started.

#1: Bring the inside outdoors.
Rugs and throw pillows can work wonders in creating a warm and inviting patio or porch space. They add color and ambiance. In addition, consider adding some umbrellas or curtained areas that can provide both privacy and shade from the scorching summer rays. In addition, if you have old furniture that you may have considered junk, it might be able to be given new life as a piece of outdoor furniture. For example, if you have an old dresser, paint it with a coat of exterior paint and put it to use as a place to pot outdoor flowers, or as a place to serve lemonade or cocktails during your next entertainment event.

#2: Lights, lights, and more lights.
Lighting makes all the difference. Flood lights are important to have for safety reasons, but when it comes to outdoor entertaining or relaxing in the evening warmth, ambient lighting with programmable battery-operated LED candles or twinkle lights are a great option.

#3: Add landscaping.
Landscaping is one of the easiest ways to add beauty to your outdoor space and it can also enhance the value of your home. Shrubs, trees, potted flowers, or fresh flowers that are planted along walkways are affordable ways to beautify your space and increase curb appeal. Group in odd numbers and mix and match colors and shapes to create some uniqueness.

#4: Upgrade windows and doors.
If your home’s doors or windows are old and outdated, they’re likely not energy efficient and could be wasting precious money each month due to leaking air in or out. Replacement windows and doors will add value and beauty in an instant! Not to mention, they can reduce noise and help maintain even temperatures throughout your home, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

I have more than two decades of experience as a Realtor® and can help provide tips on what you can do to help increase the value of your home! I love working with buyers and sellers around Clark County and am glad to help you with the information you need to start your adventure in either buying or selling a home.

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DIY Patio Decorating

Next up in our series of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects: patio decorating. The weather is gorgeous right now and it’s the perfect time to sit outside after a long day and enjoy your patio space. Looking for some great ways to decorate your patio without spending a lot? Here are three simple ideas for creating a tranquil patio environment on a budget.

Idea #1:
Shop around for used pieces:

There are a variety of unique used pieces out there if you look hard enough. Check around estate sales, flea markets, or other sales that are known to have one of a kind furniture and décor. For example, there are often oak barrels used for wine that have been repurposed into fantastic chairs or tables. This is the perfect touch for a vineyard-style garden or patio area. Or, look for beautiful restored or handmade picnic tables – they are gorgeous additions to any outdoor space and can be surprisingly affordable.

Idea #2:
Add lighting:

Summer evenings mean spending more time outside. As the night gets dark, it’s appealing to sit outside and enjoy the warm summer air. The setting sun won’t put a damper on any of your patio activities if you add the right lights. Add ground lighting around the patio area or use some creativity and hang string light bulbs around the area.

Idea #3:
Focus on creating a gathering space:

One of the best parts about having a patio space is the ability it has to draw people together. Making your patio space a place of comfort means that people will naturally feel drawn to it and will want to hang out there. For example, wicker chairs can be found for very affordable prices at stores around town and they’re comfortable enough to invite guests to sit in for hours at a time for a fun dinner party. Add soft pillows and throw blankets (perfect for when the night air gets a bit brisk) to the chairs, then find some unique vases that you can use to put flowers in for table decoration. Add a rustic serving tray to serve desserts or drinks on and before you know it, you have a table set for a wonderful and comfortable evening of entertainment outside.

No matter how big or small your patio space is, if you try hard enough, it can live up to its lovely potential, making it a great memory making spot for years to come.

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Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space


My next series of blog posts will cover some great ways to enhance your outdoor space. With the days getting longer and warmer, spending time outside is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and relax a little! Summer is coming…is your outside space ready to go? 

  1. Lush Lawns: The lawn is a huge part of an enjoyable yard. It will provide a great space for all of your summer fun! There are lots of lawn games out there that will give hours of fun for everyone or provide space for summer parties that you might be hosting. If you want to conserve water, you might want to look into some other lawn alternatives or ground coverings that could serve a similar purpose.
  2. Porches, Patios, Decks: If you don’t have a porch, patio or deck at your home, but have the space, the spring is a great time to install one! The weather is mild and you’ll be able to have the project completed well before the summer time. Don’t let the space go to waste. For front porches, consider installing a swinging bench or some rocking chairs and large potted flowers so you can sit outside and enjoy the space. If you spend more time in the back yard space, a deck or patio can be a wonderful way to enjoy the space. Decks are often built by professionals, or if you’re handy and ready to tackle a project, you could build it yourself. Spacious patios are another great way to enjoy your back yard. They can serve as a relaxation space with a picnic table and chairs, grill, or even a hot tub if you have the room!                

3. Plants, plants, and more plants: Plants, flowers, and the bounty of a garden will enhance your yard like no other. Add  potted plants on your patio or deck   space to bring in some color. Plant flowers around walkways in the front and back yards and if a garden is something you’ve been considering, the month of May is a great time to get your entire garden planted and ready to go. 

      4. Firepits: An outdoor fire pit or fireplace is a great complement to your outdoor space, especially if you enjoy entertaining.  Setting up a fire pit with some benches or chairs and a table is a great space for people to sit back, chat, and relax while roasting marshmallows. These are very inexpensive and can be found at most major stores. Be sure that you check any regulations in the area about outdoor fires, however, and be sure to place the fire pit in an area that is safe, away from debris, branches, or other materials that could catch fire easily.

The details of your outdoor space are important and will help you enjoy the beauty of summer that’s coming. It doesn’t take much to get things looking great!

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