Inexpensive Curb Appeal Tricks That Offer Good Return on Investment

What does your home look like from the outside? Curb appeal makes a big difference, especially when it comes to selling your home and enticing prospective buyers to look at it. If you don’t want to drop a lot of cash on things like expensive landscaping, there are some simple solutions that can bolster curb appeal in addition to offering a good return on investment.

#1: Paint the little things.
Painting your entire home can be expensive, so instead of investing in a whole home re-paint project, work on painting smaller things on the outside of your home, like the mailbox, the home’s trim, or porch hand rails. Potential buyers will notice the attention to detail and it can help make your space look fresh.

#2: Add a welcoming spot to the front of the home.
If your porch or patio in the front of your home is lacking a sitting area, adding some cozy chairs, a small bench with some decorative pillows, and/or a little table can create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for people walking or driving by. Not only does that, it allows people to imagine themselves sitting there someday enjoying their new home and neighborhood.

#3: Clean up the clutter.
Garbage bins, recycling containers, tools, or kid’s toys should all be kept out of sight from the front of the house. If you’re short on space and don’t have a place to put these, try arranging some large pots of flowers or shrubs around the items so the clutter is out of the line of vision for people looking at your house.

#4: Mow and edge the lawn.
Trim hedges, mow the lawn, and weed flower beds. Overgrown yards are almost always an eyesore and can have a real negative impact on curb appeal. It won’t cost you any money to keep up on yard maintenance if you do it yourself, but the time you put in will pay off when potential buyers notice the beautiful yard.

Adding curb appeal and making your home look great on the outside can be simple and affordable. When it comes time to list your property, you’ll increase the likelihood of having more showings. Need other tips on the appearance of your home before you’re ready to put it on the market? My two decades of experience as a Realtor® can help! I love working with buyers and sellers around Clark County.  I’m happy to help you start your adventure in buying or selling a home.

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Yard Maintenance Tips for Fall

Autumn is officially here! This time of year in the Pacific Northwest is truly one of the most beautiful. Leaves are turning, the sun is shining, and there is a slight bite of crisp cold in the air. This time of year is also a great time to improve the look of your lawn and yard plants or shrubs. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your yard maintained this fall season.

Tip #1: Fertilize your lawn & eliminate weeds.
Fertilizing your grass during the autumn months will help it stay healthy. Choose a fertilizer that has plenty of nitrogen in it and be sure to follow the directions carefully so you don’t over fertilize. In addition, pull out any weeds that you see and if you need to, use an herbicide on them. This will kill broadleaf weeds without damaging your grass. Follow label directions carefully, however, because some can be dangerous for surrounding plants and animals. If you need to reseed your lawn, fall is a good time to do this. That will give it a head start on spring growing.

Tip #2: Keep mowing.
Keep mowing your grass throughout the autumn months. You can mow once a week until the grass has stopped growing, then you can stop for the year. If you have grass that is underneath or near deciduous trees, put your mower on mulching mode. This will allow the grass and leaves to be chopped up finely, saving you time on big raking jobs.

Tip #3: Plant bulbs.
Fall is the time to plant various flower bulbs like tulips, crocus, hyacinths, and other popular spring flowers. You should plant most bulbs by late October, but tulips can be planted as late as November.

Tip #4: Protect fragile plants or flower bushes.
When the weather gets really wet, icy, or frozen, your plants and flowers will feel it! So take precaution and research how to protect your specific plants during these months. For example, if you have flower bushes like modern hybrid roses, they can be damaged fairly easily because of their fragility. To protect them, wrap the stems with a wire cylinder and fill it with light mulch and mound soil over the plants central crown. 

The weeks ahead are the perfect time to head outside and get some yard work done! Head out there now and start preparing your yard for the change in season.

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