As natives of the Pacific Northwest, The Johns Group at Windermere understands the value of personal relationships. We also understand the value of being straight forward with our clients. Selecting the right real estate broker means look through the noise and getting into the details. We love “anticipating a client’s needs” and “seeing them in their dream house” but, statements like these are designed by national brokerages so their brokers have something to say on their Facebook pages. We like to take a more specific approach to representing you in your real estate purchase or sale. We’ve developed detailed action plans that work, built and organized our workflow, staffed team members that are all dedicated to the specific needs of each client, and regularly ask each other for feedback. All of this proves itself in our track record of satisfied clients for over 30yrs in Clark County.

 We can help you “find that amazing house at a great price” or, “sell your home fast for the highest price possible”. But, when it really gets down to it, we can also tell you were our abilities as real estate brokers, stops. Getting an offer or presenting an offer is just the beginning. The purchase and sale real property is full of pitfalls that can cost clients significant amounts of money. We always anticipate these pitfalls and provide advice for each of these areas. We want you to breathe easy when it’s time to start negotiating inspection repairs. We’re fully versed in the construction process and have contractors on hand to provide quick turnaround on estimates. These same contractors will always provide quality repairs in the time frame necessary for a smooth closing. If you have your own contractor, we welcome them. We love meeting new industry professionals and adding them to our list of preferred vendors.

Once we make it into the closing process, our team has you covered. Our high volume of transactions not only provides us insight, it also provides us with the ability to staff our own support members. We do not use a brokerage provided transaction coordinator. Instead, we have a transaction coordinator that is employed by us and who only works with our clients. Again, this leads to better service to you.

Ultimately, we will always tell you how we feel about a given decision and, at the same time, be happy to help you run with your ideas. The purchase or sale of real estate can be just as exciting as it can be stressful. Deciding about a place we live is emotional. We are fully aware of the challenges that arise from such a complex, emotional and legal/financial process. We provide years professional knowledge that can only come from closing a high volume of real estate, year after year. We like to think of ourselves as a personal real estate concierge. Providing the highest level of service, imaginable requires vision and passion. We are here with you through every step of the process